Claire Bird

Property Manager


We were pleased to welcome Claire Bird to our Property Management Team in late 2019 as our newest member with a positive “go getter” attitude. Bringing with her over 7 years of property management experience in the UK, Claire was eager to continue and expand her knowledge of Property Management in the Northern Territory and has shown great promise in her time with us.

Claire’s skills make a great new addition to our very diverse team, some of which include but are not limited to; excellent customer service, communication, positive attitude, strong work ethic, reliable and works well in a team.

Claire has traveled to many different countries and worked in several diverse roles throughout New Zealand and Australia.

With an extensive managerial, hospitality and Property Management background, Claire’s broad skill set allows her to perform her duties effectively and efficiently within a fast-paced environment. We are proud to have an ambitious and motivated member on our team. Claire is more than willing to help our clients with any questions they may have, her bright, friendly and professional personality makes it that much easier to help our clients.