What we do


First National Commercial leads the field when it comes to selling commercial property.

To achieve outstanding results, we begin with thorough client consultation. Without a comprehensive understanding of your goals, as well as your property’s highest and best use, opportunities risk being overlooked.

We’ll outline a range of alternatives that incorporate a variety of marketing and sale methods; explain their advantages and disadvantages, and arrive at the solution that best suits you. From there, we’ll tailor a sales campaign that targets specific audiences to assure success.


Property management

At First National Commercial, we develop and implement asset and portfolio management solutions on behalf of a diverse clientele throughout Australia.

Our systems assure consistently superior results and we place emphasis on increasing returns while reducing costs.

Our property management services include:

  • Assessing the ‘fitness for purpose’ of your property
  • Devising risk minimisation strategies
  • Focusing on tenant retention
  • Performing regular due diligence on your property’s market value and competitive rental value
  • Planning acquisition and disposal strategies to astutely position your portfolio
  • Performing comparative local market appraisals across your range of assets 
  • Assessing overall performance
  • Assuring statutory compliance with Australia Essential Safety Measures
  • Sharing legislative knowledge relating to commercial property
  • Advising and implement sustainable practices within your property

We’re committed to regular, thorough communication, to keep you comprehensively informed about your portfolio’s management, yields and opportunities.


Facility compliance management

First National Commercial’s experienced agents execute the essential disciplines of commercial property management, primarily concentrating on:

  • Physical management – maintenance, condition reports, tenant relations
  • Financial management – assuring consistency of landlord income
  • Building management – legislative and safety compliance

Each of these disciplines requires skill and specialised knowledge. First National Commercial property managers have access to the FN Commercial Concierge Service, our exclusive national hotline that assures immediate access to the best commercial property advice in Australia.

With an acute focus on these disciplines as well as risk minimisation, the value received by our clients is amplified, as is our professional relationship with tenants.

Our skill is balancing tenants’ interests while increasing landlords’ yields, consecutively improving the value of individual properties or entire portfolios.

Essential Safety Measures

All public buildings   must   have   appropriate   life and fire systems that   assure   occupant   safety. First National Commercial assists your organisation to ensure full compliance with Essential Safety Measures and other legislative obligations.

Depreciation Schedules

Tax depreciation schedules are integral to maximising commercial yields. However, the process of assessing commercial assets is complex, so we have aligned with Australia’s leading tax depreciation experts to assure no opportunity is lost. There are almost always opportunities for greater tax efficiency.





Minimising vacancies is our first priority.

Our stance is to proactively search for potential new tenants the very moment a move looks likely. Using a combination of individual and national databases, we combine the resources of our national network to uncover opportunities to re-tenant quickly.

When marketing is required, First National Commercial sets an industry leading standard.

We’ll target the right audience for your property, or portfolio, by adopting a range of advanced marketing techniques incorporating digital and hyperlocal advertising, but we’ll also guide you on efficient use of traditional news media and public relations.

Whatever the type of property, First National Commercial marketing assures you’ll stand out.

Our landlords have the satisfaction and comfort of knowing they are dealing with highly trained property managers and professionals, well equipped to define and manage your target tenants.

First National Commercial operates across Australia and New Zealand, offering national presence in both countries. Our clients leverage the strength of a professional, established network with extensive recourses, knowledge and established client bases.


Investment opportunities

Underpinned by one of Australia’s largest real estate networks, there’s no commercial operator better placed to uncover investment opportunities than First National Commercial.

Our engagement across industry professional bodies, the government and private sector assures a broad exposure to all forms of commercial property throughout Australia and New Zealand.


Project marketing

With the benefit of local knowledge and an extensive network of offices throughout Australia, First National Commercial agents help customers assure not only of the viability of their projects, but we also challenge ourselves to add more value.

Leveraging our established contacts throughout local communities, we effect introductions to local referral authorities, experienced consultants and tradespeople – all the while advancing your project in a timely and efficient manner.

Our involvement in early facilitation of projects provides First National Commercial members a much better chance of early sales and leasing opportunities.